Debian 11 Bullseye Installation

How To Build A Debian 11 Bullseye Linux Server Using Graphical Expert Installation

This Tutorial will teach how to install a fresh copy of Debian 11 Bullseye OS using the Graphical Expert Installation mode

Tutorial 2
  • Written By:
    Edward Kimmel
  • Published On:
    September 11th, 2022
    12:41 PM
  • Last Updated:
    September 11th, 2022
    12:54 PM

Install Debian 11 Using the Graphical Expert Install

By: Edward Kimmel

Debian 11 (Bullseye) Graphical Expert Installation

  This tutorial will teach you how to install Debian 11 Bullseye OS using the Graphical Expert installation process. Using this method allows you to define every detail of the Debian 11 OS you are installing. I always use this method so the Linux™ server is ready to use out of the starting gate and very few adjustments are needed afterward.

  If you do not have any type of Debian 11 OS installation media you can refer to my tutorial Create A Bootable Debian 11 Installation Flash Drive which will show you how to create a bootable USB flash drive. Once you have your Debian 11 installation media, insert it into your server DVD drive or USB port and reboot the server to start the process. You may need to adjust your server’s BIOS settings or choose to use a boot menu to get the server booted into the Debian 11 installation media.

  NOTE :This process will destroy everything that is currently stored on your server’s hard drive(s). Back up anything you want to save before starting this tutorial.

Debian 11 Installation Start Menu

  When the Debian 11 installer starts you will see this screen.

Figure 2-1

Let’s Get Started Installing Debian 11

  Select Advanced options from the main menu using the keyboard Arrow Keys and then hit Enter.

Figure 2-2

  You will now see the selections that are available in the Advanced options menu, select Graphical expert install from the menu and then hit Enter.

Figure 2-3

  The graphical installation mode will start in a few seconds which will allow you to use your mouse to make selections. By using the Graphical expert install procedure you will be able to configure your OS settings now and doing so will save you time later.